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  1. I haven’t gotten this email, hopefully it’s not a bad sign and I just haven’t gotten it yet
  2. Hi, congrats on the invite! I was waitlisted and didn’t get to pick any availability. I was just notified of my status and that was it. I’m sure it’ll be more of a last minute interview if we get pulled from the list
  3. Waitlisted this is the 3rd school who has waitlisted me. A little disappointed but there’s still a chance . Goodluck everyone
  4. I wonder if they will be sending rejection emails or if it’ll be a “if you don’t get an interview invite you know” type of situation
  5. I was verified by Rush 6/1, received an emailing saying I was added to an interview waitlist on 7/24. Haven’t heard anything since
  6. Same they literally said “your interview day” and I was so excited until I read the rest of the email about “if you’re invited”
  7. Thank you, I applied in June, received a denial 8/14. I’m out of state too
  8. Has anyone seen any information on Concordia’s website about class stat averages? I’ve looked in previous forums for who has been accepted into their program to see if they have shared their stats, but I couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any information on this?
  9. I submitted in May and haven't gotten a confirmation either!
  10. That’s so awesome! Congratulations and good luck! Hoping to get one soon too
  11. Hi, I was verified in May but just recently submitted my app to LSU on 6/21. I received the email this morning that it was reviewed but never got an email saying the received my application.
  12. Just wanted to get a thread going for this cycle! Good luck to everyone applying!
  13. I got the email today that my app was reviewed and they will be extending interviews invites in August! Goodluck to everyone
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