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  1. Has anyone found the FB page/place to live yet?
  2. Can anyone tell me what to expect on the day of the interview? How long we should expect to be there, the interview style, if there was an information session/ tour of the campus, etc?
  3. I am also in the afternoon session and coming from Charlotte, NC
  4. Hello everyone, I am also interviewing on 11/8! Anyone else coming from out of state/another city??
  5. Hi!! I am also not from the area and would be interested in finding a place/ room mates
  6. Hi!! I was accepted into the NUMC program. Anyone else?? I would love to get to know some people that will be attending also. Anyone know if there is a group created for admitted students or anything?
  7. Hello!! I am still waiting on ANY response from UNC after the interview. Anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone inquired about their decision status if so?
  8. Hello everyone! I will be attending the interview on 9/28 and going to the optional session on 9/27 as well. Does anyone know what the dress code is for the first optional day of the meetup and such? Business casual or would you say more business like on actual interview day? The email also says to attend the meetup we must RSVP--but there wasn't a link or anything provided for that. Anyone have any info on that as well?
  9. hi! I got an interview too!! Does anyone know the style of the interview??? 1:1? 2:1?? group or what??
  10. Hello! I will be attending the interview on 9/20 as well. I was just wondering what the style of interview was? Did they ask more general questions or more scenario type questions? I am so nervous! Congrats to all interviewing and all that have been accepted!! That is very exciting
  11. Hello everyone! Congrats to everyone who has received an interview and those accepted--so exciting!!! My interview is on 9/20 and I am pretty nervous. Can anyone tell me what to expect as far as the actual interview portion? Are the questions more general or more scenario based? Thanks!!
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