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  1. What is the difference between alternate list and waiting list ?
  2. I also offered to be on alternate list, I'm out of state too. Do you think we have a hope ? How many student will be on alternate list ? any idea ? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, Do you recommend emailing them to know the status of my application ? My GPA is 3.6 with 2000 hrs DPC and over 100 volunteering hours, 48 hrs of PA and MD shadowing. I applied the last date. Is the October 25th interview is the last session. I just need to know if I should give up. Any suggestion appreciated ! Thank you!
  4. Congratulations, that's exciting. Do you mind sharing your GPA, Direct patient care, shadowing and volunteering. And when did you applied and verified. I just want to be hopeful. Thanks
  5. Congratulations ! Would you mind sharing your GPA and Patient care hours, shadowing, volunteering hours please ? Your response will help us where we are and to be hopeful. I applied almost two days before due date. Thanks
  6. Congratulations everyone who are accepted! Anybody know about second interview session. I called them last week, they said they still reviewing the application for another interview session. Anybody who have information about this. If they already selected waiting list students, it means there is no any spot ?
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