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  1. Heyy! Have you been added to the Facebook group? I believe there are a few people that expressed they are looking for roommates on there?
  2. Hey! Congrats!! If you want to send me your contact information in a message, I can add you to the group chat!
  3. Hey y’all! Hope everyone is staying safe and well! Wanted to start a group so we can all get to know one another! I am beyond excited to meet everyone! How is everyone feelinggg!? Anxious? Excited? Nervous?
  4. Really emphasize and highlight specific reasons/examples of why you want to attend Lynchburg. Hope that helps and I wasn’t too late! Good luck!
  5. Heyyy! Congratulationsss! I have been doing some apartment research and found a few nice places. I can send the links and stuff in the group chat. If you can message me with your contact information as well, I can create a group chat
  6. Do you guys want to message me yalls contact information? I can text yall and we can start a group chat??
  7. O wow! Washington State! That is certainly a move! I can def get some information for you guys when I drive down there? I do not have social media...lame I know haha Can we do a group chat please??
  8. Congratulation to you as well! I am sure it will be a transition moving from Michigan! I plan on driving to Lynchburg sometime in December to explore the area and get ideas of housing. If you have any questions or need me to check out some places, I can do that and relay the information over to you. I know its not ideal to fly out there yet with COVID numbers increasing. I can message you my contact information! Let me know!
  9. Hello!! I’m in the same boat as well! I will be moving from Greensboro, North Carolina! I’m in the process of looking for apartments/ student housing to prepare for the move. I would love to connect with you future classmateeee!!
  10. I completely understand. I’m holding out for Emory! It’s my #1 choice! I’m beyond grateful for other acceptances. But, I’m SO ready to seal the deal with Emory! November could not be going any slower....lol
  11. This is me yallll..... Been waiting to see, “Emory” in the subject line...lol
  12. Hello! Thank you, @PADLM I absolutely loved the interview process. I loved how everything flowed. I believe how they have the schedule set up, it truly helps calm your nerves and helps you perform well during individual interviews. I was pretty anxious at first because of how long the day was filled with different parts. But, I loved it! The little breaks actually helped me reflect and prepare for each part. Good luck on your interview! Embrace the person you are and show them what you have to offer in their program! The faculty/staff and students are absolutely welc
  13. My counselor stated, “Admittance calls will be made this week as well as next week.” I hope this will alleviate some anxiety. We got this y’all!
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