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  1. Hello and congrats to all the newbies!!! I don't get on here much since accepted in the 1st round but would love to help in anyway im allowed too and to offer words of encouragement. Best place to dm is insta @letlovesparrkle
  2. My call was like 830pm in the 1st round ,good luck guys
  3. You have to send a cashiers check or money order to tbe address it provides. You have to put your caspa id in the note box
  4. PA mock interview course is 50% until tomorrow with code: JUNE2020 fyi on the PA platform website
  5. I loved savanna perrys book and andrew rodicans book, I read each book a few times and did a mock interview.
  6. We all try to get along and help each other here. We all have an ultimate goal of becoming a PA. I'm so proud of everyone that has joined this chat and I am happy to help in anyway I can and am allowed to! Good luck for the upcoming interviews and good luck for those still waiting to hear! Those wait listed, You got this far and this is a huge accomplishment, hold out you might be surprised from what I understand several people got seats off the wait list last year! -Andrea
  7. Hooray! So happy for all that got an invite this morning!!!
  8. Good luck guys. If you guys still want to chat and be friends! Im on IG @letlovesparrkle feel.free to add me!
  9. Praying hard for you guys!!! Hoping good things come ya'lls way this week
  10. If anyone loves figs scrubs! They have all the sizes right now restocked! Heres $20 off $100 link if anyone is interested http://fbuy.me/pr-bA
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