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  1. mine says EDT so its the same as EST which is what Im in 11:30am EDT
  2. No it doesnt say interviewer it just says interview #2 with interview #2
  3. @Krystalized it says academic interview with academic interview #2. Also, I took my CASper on 5/20 still says score pending anyone else take it that day and have scores yet?
  4. Mine is next friday its says interviewer #2 so there must be different people doing it
  5. Man time flies Interviews are next week guys! Prayers for everyone! Hopefully more invites will go out this week! Not completely sure how many rounds they do? -Andrea
  6. Makes me even more nervous that its so close lol but I am confident in my skills and hope they will feel the same way! Good luck to those recently getting interviews! Hopefully we can all work together!!! -Andrea
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