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  1. Hey congratulations on getting an II! I interviewed last year and was accepted into the program. I pulled out my old undergrad anatomy lecture manual (BYU). I ran through that during the 2 weeks before the interview so it was all fresh on my mind. I can honestly say out of 125 questions that I reviewed and had fresh on my mind about 50% of the specific questions! I wouldn't have known those answers without it, though I could have made educated guesses. I went through every single small detail. I really think that is the thing that got me into the program! I bombed a few of the MMIs but had a r
  2. Thanks so much! Fingers crossed. Congratulations to you and everyone else who got an acceptance! I'm really hoping to be called up.
  3. Waitlisted. Anyone have an idea of how many people come off the wait list each year?
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