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  1. Agreed! Congrats to everyone who has gotten a call so far!!!
  2. Team! We did hear from the alumni that they heard back on a Tuesday, but the administration actually said we could expect to hear this week. I haven't seen any evidence that calls have gone out, and someone in the group on Saturday even asked about a meeting on Thursday??? So keep the dream alive, I think we are all still in the ring! No heart attacks David, you need that heart to pump blood to your brain so you can make medical decisions as a PA. I am also being a little crazy about my phone, so this message is as much for me as anyone else. go team, -Laura
  3. Nice work yesterday everyone! It was so fun to meet you. Hope we see each again soon
  4. Hi! Meeting up on the 18th sounds great. I live in Kamiah and will be staying with friends in Spokane that night. Lorelei, where do you think would be a good place to meet?
  5. I would also love to meet up before the Spokane interview on the 19th!
  6. There is an interview session on Oct. 18th as well. I'm not sure how many they will hold in total, but the website indicates that rolling admission may continue through January. Good luck to everyone applying!
  7. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say good luck with the application process. Last year I got an interview offer in mid October so I think we are probably still a few weeks out from hearing anything.
  8. So much luck to the folks interviewing in Seattle on the 26th! I applied to Spokane and Tacoma. -Laura
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