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  1. I was accepted off the January interview. I think they are focused on getting the new building set up currently. They also are about to launch a new web site.
  2. I have highly enjoyed the conversation on this thread. Some how I was accepted to multiple programs that I am now trying to decide between. When choosing between schools this seems to be one of the major differences in the two top schools. One has a 5:1 cadaver lab ratio, while the other uses the Anatalab(i think that is how it is spelled) tables. There is also close to a 40-50k price in tuition, not to include the difference in cost of living expenses. long question short; should this be a breaking point decision?
  3. Just got the call and by the grace of God I’ve been accepted to the program.
  4. just got an interview on 09DEC! very excited, although nervous for the video interview.
  5. is anyone going to the interview this weekend? does anyone have any tips or suggestions?
  6. Did anyone else get invited to interview on 20NOV? any advise on their interview process?
  7. A few hours ago I received word that my application was under review, Very excited! Does anyone know how they do their interviews and if they have a veterans preference? I know they are a yellow ribbon school, I am still not a 100% on what that entails.
  8. hey every body! was curious if I am understanding correctly that this program does not require the GRE? this is a bit of my Achilles's heel and if true I am very excited to apply. Also what is everyone's typical stats for applying? I would like to see how I stack up against everyone. Accumulative GPA: 3.03 Last 60 GPA 3.73 PRE-REQ GPA: 3.81 Graduate school GPA 4.0 (MPH second semester) GRE: Bad bad bad 298 Shadowing hours: 5,000+ ( military flight medic) community service: 2,000+
  9. Yeah I am kinda bumbed out about it. At least he responded to you, I sent an email a while back and did not even get a reply. I was told that they were switching to a last 60 GPA and if that was the case I would have been golden. I am setting my sites on more veteran friendly schools like South Alabama. It is a bit irritating that all of these schools push for "diversity" and then they first first cut is GPA and GRE. I get that they have standards and metrics, but they should also look at the whole picture. Not to sound arrogant but at 30 years old I have done a lot more than the cookie cutter
  10. to my understanding not like that. The metrics come from CASPA. They can use CASPA to say we want to see who all the applicants are with a 3.5 and higher GPA who have taken xyz classes, or any variation. CASPA gives them a sweet program to see precise metrics they are looking for. Do not worry I haven't seen my process yet, I am still hopeful.
  11. So talking with Josh today they are using some metrics from Caspa. The admissions board is requesting specific names. They are on their fourth or fifth batch, not a 100% how many are in each or anything of that nature. There will only be 35 seats for this first cycle. If you got the email saying you were processed it’s a good sign, if your like me and have not seen that email yet it’s kinda limbo land. Oh well fingers still crossed.
  12. I submitted in early January and completed my supplemental all in the same time frame. I wonder if it’s just the computer generated or something random. I’m doing my best to stay positive
  13. So I just talked to Josh in the graduate admissions department. He stated that they are still on track for everything. They still plan to review applications once the 31MAR2020 deadline hits, and they are still planning to matriculate an inaugural class this year, pending accreditation. The selection committee will meet some time in the next two weeks.
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