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  1. Hey guys! I am giving up my seat in this program for another program that better suits me. It was a very difficult decision as SFU is an outstanding program. I hope this gives another deserving applicant a chance to achieve their dreams!
  2. Has anyone who has been accepted attempted to start the financial aid process with AHU yet?
  3. I also got my acceptance call today! I am so excited and am trying to choose between this program and another. Congrats everyone!
  4. Hello everyone! I also received a phone call letting me know that I was accepted! I would love to connect with my fellow classmates before matriculation. Please let me know if we have a Facebook group or some other type of communication platform.
  5. For those wondering about stats of applicants who received interviews, here are mine: Overall GPA: 3.94 Science GPA: 3.87 GRE: 300.5 PCE: over 4000 hrs as an inpatient phlebotomist Shadowing: 24 hrs Volunteering: 100 hrs Major congrats to everyone who has made it this far. Even if you have not scored an interview yet, working towards this profession is so admirable. Getting into PA school is HARD and everyday you are one step closer.
  6. For those who have already interviewed, how many applicants were in your interview session?
  7. Interesting. I have mixed feelings about their process. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Unfortunately, I do believe that this is the case for this cycle as well.
  9. Anyone else log into to portal exactly at 3 pm to find there are no open interview spots?
  10. Has anyone received an interview invite yet? They claim that they are doing interviews in September..
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