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  1. @jennl89 I meant to say they accept up to 34, I am not sure how many they have accepted thus far.
  2. @jennl89 Hey, I think they accepted 34 but don't quote me on that. I am sure they are all going a little crazy right now with COVID-19 so I am sure they will let you know as soon as they can. Keep your head up! The waiting game is so hard but you've got this!!
  3. @daina we had to delete that facebook page because the school created one for us! They send you an invite once you are accepted. @rochec that is so exciting!!! Congratulations can't wait for this October!!!!
  4. @daina Hey! The interview process went so smoothly! They will have MMI style interviews as well as one on one and a group interview. Don't stress, they are super friendly and welcoming. I know everyone says it but just be yourself and you'll do great. If you don't know the answer to a question let them know. It is not good to make something up! Don't forget to ask them questions too, you're figuring out if they are a good fit for you too!! You are going to do great!! Keep us updated
  5. @rochec they should get back to you pretty quickly! the deadline isn't until March I think, so you have a good chance good luck! Keep us updated!!
  6. @rochec I received my interview invite pretty quickly. When did you submit?
  7. @jennl89 I would think their final decision wouldn't be until closer to the start date of the program so sometime next year!! You still have a chance
  8. @jennl89 I was verified in August and still have not heard a thing... No news is good news but I am still wondering what my status is!!!
  9. My interview was moved up to 10/26!!! Anyone else going that day?
  10. Just received my interview invitation! At 11:00 on 10/22!!
  11. @McMushroom congratulations!! Did you receive the email today?
  12. Thought about starting a fb page for the class of 2022!! Who all has gotten accepted?!
  13. @hunterrogers17 I private messaged you the email!
  14. @mae2luv I would go ahead and apply. You never know what could happen!
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