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  1. There’s no ranking - I’m a transfer notified last month of the waitlist too, I called to ask the same. I’m assuming you’re a freshman? Just depends on how many people from both groups ever give up or decline their seat, and then D’Youville reaches out!
  2. Good luck to everyone this week if there are waitlist student spots to fill!!
  3. Was just a hard copy of the waitlist email I wish I handled suspense better lol
  4. I just heard that regarding initial offers, so that’s great news - congrats!!! Are you going to accept?
  5. So last deposits were due last weekend or so... waitlist offers started going out this week and I have a letter coming today according to USPS!! Fingers crossed
  6. Congratulations on multiple acceptances!!! You did it! Good luck
  7. Just heard back!! I’m at least in on the waitlist good luck to everyone and if you’re giving up your seat call them today!! Haha jk but I am excited
  8. Just going back through the thread now killing time.. that was such a fast acceptance (makes sense given your position, congrats!!) What was included in the email they they sent prior to the letter arriving? Was it generic or specific to what the timeline would look like for new students going forward?
  9. From prior threads and intro to the interview conversation it sounds like mail! Between this forum, my email and mailman I’m exhausted
  10. I also felt like the format took some about-me time away, so I just tried to stay calm & natural. I keep reminding myself they have my essay, and she brought up some things from my app so she definitely knew what I would’ve wanted to reiterate anyway. I know prior applicants got to do a writing piece & had that one on one time - so just remember they knew this wasn’t the norm for everyone. I used to have the informed delivery! Good call
  11. Any reason you feel that way? Good luck!! Will also update - I’m ready to jump the mailman LOL
  12. Yes! They only offer the 4.5 year program, but they accept freshman students as well as transfers! Seems like a few of us here are transfers
  13. I also heard that in the intro - caught me SO off guard (in a good way!). Tyra prepared us for a January-ish decision. I interviewed on the 4th - from prior threads it’ll be snail mail!
  14. Update: I’m in!! Tyra emailed a “Dear Alicynn, We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to advance to the interview stage of the physician assistant application process at D'Youville. Interviews will take place virtually on October 28, November 4 and November 14,2020.” It goes on to help register you if you haven’t already and select a date, OMG I’m SO EXCITED!! Good luck to everyone here!!!!
  15. Sorry to hear - keep at it!! Was your mydyc page updated at all?
  16. I had to update my email on file so I asked when I called to do so, she said they’ll process everything altogether once everyone submits their app, so we won’t hear until after the deadline
  17. I have a business degree, switching careers after 6 years in sales!
  18. Mine was Just verified as well! Will update as I hear back!
  19. I edited spelling and it didn’t work, it should say my SO supports my move (switching careers), not my love
  20. Hey guys! Long time lurker of every thread available on google when it comes to pursuing PA as a second career. I got hired by the lizard selling insurance at 19, and my 5 year anniversary is coming up this October. They offer tuition reimbursement, so I’ve been going to school (they pay for your business degree) since I became eligible at 6 months and graduated with my associates last spring with a 3.96 GPA. (Only A missed was Accounting II when my father passed, I physically couldn’t make an exam). I was lucky to have them offer me a 2 yr bachelor program to fast track the rest of my degree so I’ll be done (AND fully vested in my 401k - important to me, I’ve contributed a lot) by the time I’m 26. I have always wanted to work in medicine, having been around it my whole life and I wasn’t in a position to jump into a 5 year program right out of high school. I have taken Anatomy I with lab, psychology, sociology, statistics and calculus thus far with an A, I made sure my electives for this degree began to work for me in the future. I want to continue knocking out pre reqs and leave my job to pursue a 33 month program here in New York as soon as I can after I graduate. Projected cost is $100,000. I will have enough saved to float mortgage, car, etc. and am lucky enough to have a loving SO to support my love & split expenses with (will definitely downsize - May sell the house if needed) The advice I’d like is for those of you who have been in a similar scenario, how did you succeed? What do you recommend? Whats the best way to get HCE hours? Should I reach out to hospital? Hospice? Any advice helps. I currently work M-F 7:30-3:30, business program is 6-10 PM on Thursday nights and I play softball tues/wed. Should I enroll back at my CC for the leftover prereqs? Move onto a university? Can I take just single classes? As you guys guys can see I’m very green, but making spreadsheets and determined to figure all of this out. Thank you!!
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