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  1. I was just called today with acceptance call! I am so excited to be attending this program. What is the facebook page to join?
  2. Check the mailboxes all! Letters are in. Not the news I wanted this round, but I am on the waitlist, so I will keep on hoping. Wish you all the best.
  3. I believe that is what that means. Here’s hoping waitlist!
  4. Any other news yet for even the waitlist? I know we were supposed to hear by yesterday. I’m sure they are still working on things.
  5. Any more news yet for acceptance this week? This wait is nerve-racking!
  6. Congrats! For Wichita, weren’t they waiting until after all interviews were over to make offers?
  7. Got my rejection letter today. Bummed, but more interviews left with other programs still. Best wishes everyone!
  8. Rejection letter via email today. Best wishes to everyone with interviews!
  9. Last year, I was told that typically they interview around 120 applicants. Can't say for sure this year though.
  10. Sounds like you have amazing PCE! Just keep persevering! It can take some time. Volunteer, shadow PAs, have others critique essays, and keep pushing forward. Best wishes.
  11. Got an interview for November 1st! Does anyone know how many people they typically interview?
  12. My combined A&P courses were at 200 level (8 credits worth). Entry 2 Applicant
  13. I am on the waitlist! I’ll take this as a maybe still. Here’s hoping. Congrats to those accepted! So exciting!
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