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  1. Oh wow... at this point I was expecting hybrid for the beginning of didactic and everything normal by the time rotations came around which is way later I believe orientation is 6/1 and classes 6/2?
  2. Just received an interview— I applied the first day 6/1 so I didn’t think I’d get one! I’ll be declining though as I’ve been accepted elsewhere. Good luck everyone!!!!
  3. Waitlisted— but declining my spot to attend a different program. Good luck to all!!
  4. I submitted my app mid-September. Interviewed 12/23 and accepted 1/5
  5. Good! Typical questions in a traditional format with two faculty. Nothing too crazy or out of the blue haha Also a 50 minute essay beforehand.
  6. Haha I know! I am a reapplicant for Downstate. I applied Mid September! My interview is on Wednesday!
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