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  1. Waitlisted— but declining my spot to attend a different program. Good luck to all!!
  2. I submitted my app mid-September. Interviewed 12/23 and accepted 1/5
  3. Good! Typical questions in a traditional format with two faculty. Nothing too crazy or out of the blue haha Also a 50 minute essay beforehand.
  4. Haven’t heard back yet!! Hoping for the best
  5. Haha I know! I am a reapplicant for Downstate. I applied Mid September! My interview is on Wednesday!
  6. I interviewed two weeks ago and haven’t received anything
  7. anyone given directions on how to pay the 75$ processing fee?
  8. Applied on 6/1 the day it opened but haven’t heard about interviews! Do you think they’re going in order of submission? This is one of my top choices
  9. Could you DM me as well! Also curious about the answers to these questions
  10. We have to send in a signed letter of intent and a deposit by 12/7!
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