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  1. Received email that my application has been moved to 2nd step faculty review. Hopefully we hear news soon!
  2. looks like from the prior application thread people heard back before January though! hoping we hear something soon!!!!
  3. I applied here last cycle— they seem to have some communication issues I was never able to reach them last year.
  4. Received confirmation that my application was complete interview invites should be sent mid October
  5. Do you guys think it’s a lost cause for someone who submitted in early May and hasn’t heard anything
  6. Hey! I am a reapplicant from last year— all interviews started after the deadline!
  7. Those who received interviews — when were you verified?
  8. Oops I’m sorry!!! Idk why I wrote June. Idk what time is anymore hahah. I was CASPA verified 5/8!!
  9. omg LOL similar to me!!! Last cycle I had one interview which turned into a waitlist. This cycle I had two interviews so far-- one rejection and yet again another waitlist. SIGH.
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