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  1. Has anyone that has been accepted received any follow-up information after the acceptance confirmation? In the last email, they said I should be getting "follow-up materials and next steps in early November" and I have not received anything else.
  2. Thank you! I was getting worried about not getting a confirmation on my acceptance email, so that makes sense now.
  3. Does anyone know if you need to send anything along with the deposit for your seat in the class? I've been having trouble contacting Lori to ask her. Thanks!
  4. I was offered an interview and wasn't able to schedule one. I really liked this program, but I'm probably going to have to decline my offer now due to an acceptance at another school and the fact that I won't be able to interview until the Spring.
  5. I received my acceptance earlier today! (interviewed 9/24 in the morning session) so I'm also wondering if there's a Facebook page or anything. Congrats to the others getting their acceptances too!
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