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  1. Just got an acceptance call from the October 20th interview!! Best of luck everyone!
  2. Got accepted as well!! Very excited, best of luck to everyone waiting to hear! I know it’s extremely stressful but you got this!
  3. I sent my GRE score just Incase. I know that every other program I’ve applied to have requested my official GRE score because what you put into CASPA isn’t official. I also got an email on the 21st saying that the program has received and reviewed me application and that it met all the program requirements and it would be forwarded for the faculty screening process. Hope this helps!
  4. My thoughts exactly lol just wanted to see if others got the same thing!
  5. Anyone else get an email asking for a photo to accompany your application? Interviewed on 7/20 and got that email today.
  6. Congrats to those getting accepted! Do y’all mind sharing your stats?
  7. Thank you! I submitted on 5/10, got verified on 5/26 and got an interview yesterday (7/15). Wish you the best of luck!
  8. Got an interview for this upcoming Monday! Any tips from those who have already had theirs? Thanks!
  9. Congrats to all those who have received interviews/accepted! Do any of you mind sharing your stats? Thanks!
  10. Hello all! I am looking into applying to this program next cycle. For those accepted, do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks!
  11. Congrats! Do you mind sharing stats and when you applied?
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