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  1. See you both at the orientation event in May. I also received my acceptance email yesterday, super excited to be a part of this cohort of future PAs! (P.S. I meant the family day, which I think is in May, not the actual orientation. I could be totally off.)
  2. Thanks! I didn't interview at Augsburg, but I work often with several alumni that are very well qualified and adept in the field (hence my comments about Augsburg's high quality). I fortunately had an interview at a school out of state that really fits with my goals (e.g. students work with the community right away in the first year) - still waiting to hear from them on their decision. Everything will work out with time and patience. Best wishes to you and all the other candidates! P.S. Yay, I was offered a seat at the out-of-state school I interviewed at! To those that didn't make it into their chosen programs this year: Please don't let it get you down, and try again next year, maybe apply to other programs that weren't on your list this year. You may be surprised at where you end up, maybe at a different school than you originally planned, or you find one that ideally fits your personal goals the best. I'll be moving across the country with my husband and two kids (ages 8 and 10, who are very excited) -- unexpected twist, but should be a fun and interesting experience for everyone.
  3. My email had the same exact wording, plus eight numbered suggestions to strengthen my application for next year, if desired. Excellent school/program, and a classy reply to provide soft let-down and encourage reapplication next year for those that weren't enrolled in a program this year.
  4. I received my rejection email today (it was very kindly and tactfully written, I must say), so it appears they've at least begun with the final steps of the process. Congrats to all of you that have interviewed and received acceptance or been waitlisted, and also to those that were qualified but weren't able to be offered an interview. The email said that they had a record number of candidates this year, so their decision-making process must've been difficult (I don't envy their position with having to thoroughly vet all those applications and choose who to interview and who to pass on). Best wishes to everyone for success on your individual PA path!
  5. From my understanding, most schools (Augsburg included) do not notify waitlisted candidates of their position on the waitlist. The position would be changing often due to people accepting or rejecting offers, changes in situations (e.g. accepting an offer and then redacting due to getting accepted somewhere else), last minute openings, etc. They'd never stop getting calls from eager waitlisted candidates wondering where they stand. Congrats on how far you've made it so far! Augsburg is a great school, with many qualified candidates but few interviews. Best wishes on getting off the waitlist and into enrolled status.
  6. The website states that interviews conclude in November, but due to rolling admissions and volume of applicants, seats may be filled prior to the stated deadline(s). I did not personally see any interview dates available after 10/31. I would guess they'll get through this round of interviews before opening up November's schedule (pure speculation). Best wishes to you!
  7. I likewise submitted near the end of August and will likely be interviewing on October 31st (traveling from the Midwest).
  8. I received my interview invitation today, so to those of you that haven't heard back yet, there's still a chance!
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