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  1. Ahh!! Me too!! I'm super stoked! I applied 5/25 and received confirmation on 6/1. I'm a non-traditional student with a less-than-stellar undergrad GPA - so there is hope out there for you non-trad folks out there! Best of luck to you all!
  2. Congrats, guys!! Best of luck to you both! Would you be willing to share your timeline?
  3. To folks who are worried that they haven't heard anything yet - it is still early (at least that is what I am telling myself ). If you look at last year's thread, people were receiving interview invites well into late December. We've got time before we can give up hope!
  4. I'm fairly confident that they do use rolling admissions.
  5. They emailed. It will be an online interview. ...and I did have an outstanding prerequisite for folks who are in that boat as well.
  6. Ahh! I just got invited to interview. My legs almost gave way - this is my first PA program invite. Super excited! I didn't have a very competitive undergrad GPA - so there is hope for non-traditional folks out there! Submitted 5/31, Verified 6/5
  7. Likewise! Thanks for starting this thread. Quick question - does UW Madison have rolling admissions? I swear I read somewhere that they do not.
  8. I was verified on July 25 and still nothing. I am also getting super antsy...
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