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  1. I was accepted off the waitlist but gave up my seat for another program. Hopefully that opens up a space for someone else!
  2. I just gave up my acceptance to RFU for this year. RFU is a lovely, supportive program with a great community feel and I struggled to make this decision but I was accepted into a program that is a better fit for my partner and I. I hope this opens up a seat for one of you folks out there! Hang in there! The cycle isn't over yet!
  3. "Conversational" would be a very apt description. I was surprised how little "traditional" interview questions were asked. Instead, there were questions on different details of my application and my learning style. Everything had a very casual "get to know you" feel. Of course, that might have only been the folks I interviewed with - candidates were paired off with different interviewers. Regardless, I think practicing speaking comfortably to details of your application may be wise. Projecting enthusiasm and...at least feigning...confidence always helps! Best of luck at your interview!
  4. It was over Zoom.. if your iPad has worked historically for you for Zoom meetings it should work for this! I would recommend to make sure you have a solid internet connection (and even perhaps a mobile hotspot back up). My internet started crapping out in the middle of my interview and although they were super patient as I scrambled to find an alternative (I had to use my phone as a hot spot), it definitely left me frazzled! Best of luck at your interview!
  5. I have been agonizing about this for the past few days, but I just sent out an email to give up my seat for next weekend's interview. I was accepted into a program that I am really excited about and I feel fits my partner and I's goals a bit more. I hope this helps in y'all's chances or at least opens up a seat for someone else in a future interview. You guys seem all seem super delightful - I am confident you will do well! Best wishes this cycle, everyone!
  6. Hang in there! They said they are still sending out interview invites through December and that invites are being sent out independent of when folks sent in their application. You are still in the running!
  7. Just received my acceptance call from the 10/13 interview! So deeply humbled to be picked to be part of such an awesome program from such a inspiring pool of applicants. Hang in there folks! I know the wait is tough! Best wishes to y'all this cycle!
  8. Congrats!! Looking at my notes from the information session, it appears that they interview 150-200 people for 36 seats.
  9. @LNNDIOSA Thank you so much for organizing this, Lindsey! It will be lovely (virtually) meeting you all!
  10. Sure! My undergrad was in biology and my undergrad GPA was not very good (around a 2.8) as I was caring for my seriously ill father at the time. I later got an MPH with around a 3.8 GPA, so my final cumulative GPA according to CASPA was a 3.3 and my science was 3.2. I worked as a phlebotomist for 1.5 years and in clinical research for around 8 years - my PCE 13,000+ I hope that helps! PM me for more details.
  11. I was just accepted into Rosalind Franklin from the 9/25 interview!!! I am so beside myself right now! I have been working for so long towards this goal and it's finally here. Best of luck to all you other candidates out there. I know the wait and uncertainty is real. You got this!!
  12. Ahhh! Just got an invite to interview on 10/13! I'm shocked - my undergrad GPA was not very competitive. CASPA submitted 5/17, supplemental 5/31, NU confirmed 6/1 Best of luck to you all! I know the wait is terrible!
  13. I just got an alternate acceptance for the 9/16 interview. Hopefully that will turn into an acceptance eventually? Congrats to those offered a seat and best of luck to those who are waiting to hear back! There are so many exceptional candidates out there and I know you folks will make excellent clinicians someday.
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