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  1. Hi there! I am curious if any current students, pre-PAs or current PAs know if it is possible/difficult to get a job at a different state than where you attend school? For example, I will be attending Colorado's PA Program but I want to end up working back in Chicago. Any advice? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone remember from the information session if Colorado allows external clinical rotations? (for ex if you're from another state and want to do a rotation there) Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! Can’t wait to meet everyone! Does anyone happen to have a current student’s number/contact? I just have a couple questions about student life, I feel like I know the program really well but want to learn more about what it’s like living in Denver!
  4. I also just got the acceptance call! Good luck to those waiting, so excited to get to know all of you!
  5. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from the 9/24 interview date / an earlier interview date? Feeling nervous that I didn't hear back with the round of acceptances mentioned above but still wanting to remain hopeful!
  6. Has anyone from the 9/24 interview date heard back yet?
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