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  1. we have a groupme of 13 people so there's at least that many! I'm assuming there may be a few more people who aren't in the groupme
  2. I just got accepted and would love to be added to the group!!
  3. Did they actually say you’re on a waitlist or just that they’re actively reviewing and considering your application? That’s what they said to me but wasn’t sure if they actually called it a “waitlist” for some people!
  4. Has anyone heard anything new? Interviews, acceptances?
  5. Good luck! They did mention in my interview that they were thinking about adding another session. I guess some denials went out today as well.
  6. They have 1 more interview session in the beginning of December. I got an email today saying they are "actively considering my application and will update every few weeks" and my interview was 2 weeks ago.
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