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  1. I've seen very mixed things about surgical tech. For example, some classify it as PCE while others classify it as HCE. Would it be more beneficial to go the EMT/Paramedic route as opposed to CST?
  2. So I graduated this past weekend and my GPA was a 2.7. I did engineering for 4 years before I switched to Marine Biology. My Marine Biology GPA is around a 3.1. This was just from my institution. I have taken other classes from other colleges and universities but since my GPA was so low due to engineering, my GPA cumulative is around 2.8. The only class that I could retake to increase my GPA would be Organic Chemistry 1 which I got a C in. All other prerequisite classes I have recieved either an A or B. I plan to get an Associates Degree for Surgical Tech to get PCE. Wo
  3. During the summer, I completed Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 1021) through UNE (University of New England). I did the lecture/lab combination, however, I have seen people take them separately. The course is 100% online. The tests are online as well (proctored through ProctorU). I highly recommend this course because it is self paced over 16 weeks. The online lectures are sub-par in my opinion but I found videos on Youtube very helpful. UNE is a very common place to take pre-reqs. I have also seen people take some from Doane University. Overall, I recommend at lease
  4. Hello, When I started college, I was in my school's engineering program for 4 years ( with an almost completed minor in Marine Biology). Upon my last year, I changed my major from engineering to Marine Biology. My engineering GPA has forced my overall GPA to be about 2.6. My Marine Biology GPA is above a 3.0. (All of the current pre reqs for PA school that I have taken with the exception of OCHEM 1 (C), have been Bs or better. I did improve from OCHEM 1 to 2 by getting a B) I still have to finish my BS in Marine Biology ( graduate in December) but I was thinking about getting an AA d
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