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  1. To those waitlisted, a spot will be opening up on Monday. Just talked to someone that is declining due to acceptance into another program. Good luck.
  2. Got my acceptance this evening. I'm thrilled beyond belief.
  3. I had to email them for the update. It's a shady admissions set up.
  4. Got my no thank you. What a joke. Had to email them to get a response. Good luck to those who got one, but for 175 dollars... What a scam.
  5. Good luck!!! I'm on the wait list. Hope you enjoy your chosen school.
  6. It's frustrating rushing to get your application in, have 3 interviews with other institutions with actual rolling admissions, and there is no communication. If I'm not going to get an interview tell me, I have a full time job that requires planning. So holding the cards and not being upfront is pretty aggravating. Especially when you factor in the 75 dollar supplemental fee... It's the most expensive school I've applied to and the least informative.
  7. I've worked on college admissions. This is not how rolling admissions works.
  8. Nothing. You would think they would send out all the invites at once since they deny rolling admissions. Or at least tell me I'm not pretty enough.
  9. I haven't received anything. Had everything submitted early July, had my supplemental submitted the day after I got it, that was August 16th. Now I'm just waiting.
  10. That's the entire foundation of the pa profession. I'm in your corner, I've got a lot of life experience. 16+ years in the military, EMS experience, good grades, and a proven desire to work in a rural area. I'm waitlisted at 2 schools, still haven't heard back from Wichita State. Got my supplemental on August 15th and it was submitted the 16th. These programs are turning into nurse practitioner programs. It's going to kill the profession as we know it.
  11. Yes, I found that out the hard way last year. I had my rejection email on 4 October of last year. They're delicate.
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