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  1. I don't know of anyone who lives in those apartments, so I'm not too sure about them. I like where I live, but it depends on your own lifestyle. If you'd rather walk to class than drive, then living downtown would be perfectly fine! Downtown Hagerstown is fairly small, so I don't think noise would be too much of an issue.
  2. Hopefully I can shed some light on the housing info! Here is a link on USM-H website about housing: http://www.hagerstown.usmd.edu/content/student-housing A lot of the first class ended up living in the Antietam Apartments, as well as two of my classmates. They are nice apartments and only about a 5 minute walk to our building. I'm not 100% but I believe that there are guaranteed apartments available at the two placed they have listed, so it can be less of a headache when trying to find a place to live, hopefully you all don't need to do that in the middle of a pandemic! However, all housing is considered "off-campus" so you are free to live where ever you would like. Almost half of my class is living at "Parkview Apartments". It is further away than the Antietam apartments, but its in a quieter area and there is a nice park only 1/2 mile away. I chose Parkview apartments because I didn't want a roommate and i wasn't sure if the officially sponsored housing was going to pair me up with somebody, so I just went ahead and signed a lease for a 2br myself. Now granted, I am paying more than what you pay at Antietam Apartments, but I love my apartment here.
  3. At the end of the cycle once we found out who was in our cohort, we created a facebook group, but eventually moved to a Whatsapp group chat. The faculty told us they don't want to do anything with a facebook group with us so it could be a student specific space.
  4. Congrats to everyone that got accepted! Again, feel free to ask me any questions as they pop up! good luck with the rest of your cycle! Good luck to everyone who still has interviews coming up! it's a long cycle and don't get discouraged!
  5. We have 25 students in the cohort, I believe that is the number they look to get with each cohort. Right now, since everything is going fairly smoothly. According to the program, because we are accredited for face-to-face style, and since Maryland is in a good spot regarding COVID, we’re having in person classes as a trial run for the school. We have temperature checks every morning. We are spaced out in a big lecture space, so we’re not close, we have to go to class with masks on. Our labs are in the spaces that they typically are in, but we work in small groups with only 3-4 other people to work through anatomy lab and patient assessment and diagnosis, and again we’re all wearing masks. But the faculty at this time is trying to load up our labs and the procedures we have to learn in this semester so that if (when) we have to go back online, we wouldn’t have missed anything. In terms of the faculty flexibility, they are incredibly receptive to what we think and are very open and honest about everything that’s going on. Dr. Smolko is the absolute bomb! If we ever have a concern with something at a program level, she listens to us, brings it to the faculty and reports back to us with an up front answer and explanation of the feedback. In terms of class specific, each professor has their own style, but they all are incredibly accommodating. All our lectures are recorded and posted on Canvas (like blackboard if you’ve never heard of it) so if you needed to miss because of something, you still have access to the lecture. I’m not quite sure how it would work if some people had to be remote while also having in person because we haven’t run into that issue, but the faculty seems incredibly flexible for what ever may come up.
  6. Hey everyone! Just as a heads up, I am a current student here at Frostburg State PA program! We're halfway through our first semester of didactic year. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask on this board or send me a private message, I'd love to help out! Last year during interviews, interacting with the students really helped me make my decision and you guys unfortunately don't get to have that this year, so I'd love to be able to pass that along to you guys as best as possible!
  7. I applied at the end of August and got invited to the October interview, they also do small interview groups, so just be patient! My stats were GPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.9 ~500 hours as a scribe in the ER ~600 hours as an athletic training student I am also a Frostburg Alumni so that also played my favor. Letters of rec were from my AT program director, Head Athletic Trainer at the school and a professor.
  8. I got my acceptance call (from 10/15) on friday! I keep thinking to myself holy crap, I got into PA school!
  9. Congrats to all those that have been accepted! I was invited to the October 15th Interview date. Do you guys have any tips or recommendations for the interview?
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