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  1. hey ya'll, I got accepted off the waitlist but giving my spot up because I already started another program. Hopefully one of you will get it, good luck everyone!!!
  2. Hey! We got an updated class list the other day and there were 30 people on it. However, the list has changed a couple times because people have dropped and people from the waitlist have been accepted!
  3. Hey guys!! I was thinking of creating an accepted students FB group. That way we can all talk on there and I will post the link on here for everyone to join. Let me know what you think!
  4. Nope! Im from New Jersey. I am hoping to fly down early November and look at apartments. There is still another school I am interviewing at in early October so I want to wait to see what happens before I sign any leases!
  5. Hey everyone! I was accepted and now looking at apartments in Baton Rouge. I was wondering if anyone was looking for a roommate/ wanted to get an apartment together? Let me know! (I'm a female)
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