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  1. Also just got the acceptance call! Curious to know if any of you guys that got the acceptance call were in group C on the 10/28 interview? That's where I was and I enjoyed being around all of you!
  2. Good luck to everyone interviewing this Monday. I am very excited and can’t wait to meet you all
  3. Curious to know if anyone has got the rejection letter? I was hoping to hear from Rocky Mountain soon, but I don’t know if the delay in correspondence means a potential invite if someone turns down an invitation to interview or if it is just a rejection in the works.
  4. I have not but I was just wondering the same thing. They said to expect to hear something after the 1st of October so I had hoped to hear soon.
  5. They said we could expect to hear back anytime between yesterday and January. I just got the call this morning and I’ve been accepted.
  6. Interviewed on 9/23 and had a fantastic experience. Was tremendously impressed with the resources, the faculty and the other applicants. Looking forward to an admissions decision.
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