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  1. For those of you that had the interview today, I hope it went well! Does anyone know if today was the last interview session of the cycle for PCOM Georgia?
  2. I received a rejection email w/o an interview a little before 4pm today =/
  3. That sounds amazing! Congratulations as well, for the interviews!! I hope you get in! Do you mind sharing your stats? Did they by any chance mention if today was their last interview session?
  4. That's awesome! Congratulations! Do mind telling us when you applied and your stats? When did they reach out to you?
  5. Has anyone received an interview invite for February? I emailed them to ask if they can disclose how many interviews remain but all they could tell me is that they are continuing with interviews at this time. I still see that as a good thing!
  6. @Cardiothoracic13 thank you for letting us know! That's definitely good news.
  7. I haven’t heard anything back yet either. I applied October 26th and they sent me the link to pay the $75 on Nov. 4th so it might be while before I hear anything back? I’ll check back in if they send me anything.
  8. Omg Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing your stats with us? Did you write a long narrative in the supplemental? I’m starting to think mine was too short after reading the comments above.
  9. @msc16 did you receive the email with the portal link yet? If so, how long did it take to receive it after you submitted your app?
  10. Good luck everyone! I received an email stating they have received my CASPA application. I turned in my supplemental application,@Roadtopaspac do you remember if they send you an email confirmation after you submit the supplemental?
  11. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you will have to add the hours as "add new experience" since you cannot edit past experiences. @tarynnoelle
  12. @Roadtopaspac Ok great! Thank you for responding!
  13. Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Does anyone know if they will email the supplemental application after we submit CASPA? I did not see it on the website. Does it have an earlier deadline since the website states the supplemental application fee must be submitted before deadline?
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