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  1. Omg Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing your stats with us? Did you write a long narrative in the supplemental? I’m starting to think mine was too short after reading the comments above.
  2. @msc16 did you receive the email with the portal link yet? If so, how long did it take to receive it after you submitted your app?
  3. Good luck everyone! I received an email stating they have received my CASPA application. I turned in my supplemental application,@Roadtopaspac do you remember if they send you an email confirmation after you submit the supplemental?
  4. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you will have to add the hours as "add new experience" since you cannot edit past experiences. @tarynnoelle
  5. @Roadtopaspac Ok great! Thank you for responding!
  6. Hey everyone! Hope all is well. Does anyone know if they will email the supplemental application after we submit CASPA? I did not see it on the website. Does it have an earlier deadline since the website states the supplemental application fee must be submitted before deadline?
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