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  1. I'm sorry! There is still hope though! Also I think they said you can always reach out and ask for insight to why. Good luck everyone!
  2. Wes did finally just call me! Accepted to the dual MPH/PA program! So I technically was applying for the year after you guys. I'm sorry to those of you who did get wait listed but I'm holding out hopes for you all and at the very least, maybe I'll see you in the following years class!
  3. I'm so sorry you guys its not a no though, there's still time. I haven't heard anything, I don't know whether that's good or bad news.
  4. I'm trying not to but its at full volume while I try to distract myself with HW. Probably the first time I'm grateful for HW haha. If I hear anything I will post ASAP pls do the same
  5. Hi 9/20 interviewers! I am getting extremely excited If anyone wants to say hi on interview day my real name is Gabrielle/Gabby. Can't wait to meet you all!
  6. Thank you so much for the insight and kind words! I will surely need that caffeine boost. Out of curiosity, about how many students so you guys think are at each interview date?
  7. I may just be technologically inept but I don't see attachments on either email as well ?? lol
  8. Anybody interviewing on the 20th receive the detailed email yet? Anxiously awaiting details with it being only 1 week away now! LOL
  9. Hey Max! I haven't interviewed yet but a friend of mine just graduated from Campbell and she said she initially was wait-listed, and they informed her of acceptance about a month later. Stay positive, the journeys not over yet!
  10. Thank you so much!!! I may end up PMing you in a few days as I go over interview materials! Thanks for being so kind!
  11. Out of curiosity, do they still call with a decision within a few days if denied or wait-listed? or do they only call to notify you of acceptance? TIA!
  12. Thanks so much! do they also question you or just listen to your answers with the PA staff?
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