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  1. Hey! How did everything turn out? Extremely interested in this as well.
  2. I feel you! I am in a similar situation. I just finished OT school going on 3 yrs ago and do not feel fulfilled in my career and have been thinking about pursing PA school. I agree with the person above and recommend shadowing PAs multiple times (and different PAs) and realize/ask about all the aspects of the job including non patient care and what that entails and how much the medical system can influence the career as well as your limitations. I am still trying to decide which route I am going and have to really weigh the pros/cons. As the person said before, every job will have cons about it as well so make sure to do your research! You are not a failure when you are striving for your happiness. Good luck to your decision!
  3. Hi! Not sure if yous are still on here. I was wondering if you guys have become PAs and willing to let me shadow???? I am in the Inland Empire willing to commute!!!
  4. Hey did you ever have any luck? I am looking to shadow as well!
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