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  1. Thank you also, JMJ11, for your reply. You are exactly right; we are billing un credentialed providers (MDs) under a credentialed provider's name. That's a great article but I was hoping for some information for commercial carriers. I think in the industry it's very well known not to fool around when it comes to Medicare, but my boss has this attitude that it's more grey when it comes to private sector insurance. He's made vague references to phone calls with insurance reps telling him it's ok, or said something along the lines of "if the supervising physician is within a 60 minute drive they
  2. Thank you for your reply. I should clarify, however, that these are MD Physicians rendering the services. I know this is probably isn't the best place given the name of the forum, but I couldn't really find any other websites. AAPC requires me to become a member to post on their forum.
  3. Good Evening, I have a sit down meeting with my supervisor and I need to come up with as much source material as possible to address the following: Why billing a non credentialed provider's services under a credentialed provider (as rendering) is not a good idea for PRIVATE insurance. The information is abundant on why it's a bad idea for Medicare, but I need to give facts to support the need to stop doing this on private insurance carriers. So far all I've found is from the United Healthcare contract, "...you will assure that a member of your professional staff who has not been
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