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  1. I emailed them a couple days ago to ask about that, and this was Meridith's response: "You are certainly more than welcome to send a letter of interest to the committee. I am happy to keep the letter in your file should a seat open up." However, I got a call literally two hours after that email that I got off the waitlist (!!!!!), and I realized at the time she sent that, they already knew they were going to accept me. Maybe she would have gone into more detail, if I wasn't already in? Either way, the email didn't seem to bother them, and it seems like they'd be receptive to an updat
  2. I interviewed this Saturday, and we were done a little before 4 pm. Can't guarantee it won't be a little longer for you, but I'd be surprised if it were much shorter. They break you into small groups and you cycle through rotations with your small group. There were about 6 activities, each about an hour long, and then there was lunch in between (they provided lunch, and a light breakfast) and transition time between each activity.
  3. I've been waitlisted both at GW and another school I really liked. I know for med schools, you can send in letters of update when you're waitlisted (informing them of any new work experience, volunteer hours, new letters of rec, etc.). Do PA schools like that? I haven't found much information on it on the internet, which leads me to believe it isn't common. Has anyone sent a letter of update or specifically asked any schools their thoughts on those letters?
  4. For all those who already interviewed--can you give me a feel for what most girls wore? I'm trying to decide if I should go with a suit, or slacks and a blouse, or just professional, well-fitting blue pants and a blazer... thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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