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  1. I meant like they had three separate interview days! So right now it looks like the 30th and the 6th so far. There should definitely be one more as well. It looked like people received invites if people rejected the invitations as well!
  2. They said in an email and online that they have typically 144 interview slots. But based on previous years they had it over 3 days
  3. Hey everyone! Did anyone else get an email to reconfirm your spot on the waitlist?
  4. Hi there! I was wondering if you knew anything about the waitlist process or of your classmates experience with it? Thank you so much
  5. Yeah it was! They said they would have the decisions by the end of October. It seems consistent with last year as well
  6. They said in the presentation that they were gonna let us know within the next two weeks!
  7. Someone mentioned before that they go over your CASPA app with you in the interview. Was that the case for you?
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