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  1. Not yet response times for interviews vary so much that they might call you a week from 11/9.
  2. Congrats! Do you mind telling us which program you went for instead?
  3. done and done! I was just curious thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! For those who have been offered an interview did you take the CASPER exam?
  5. Hi everyone! For those who were offered an interview, did you take the CASPER exam/test?
  6. Happy Tuesday, everyone! Anyone hear back from good ol' Mount Union yet?
  7. That is fantastic news! Congratulations once again! Good luck with this endeavor
  8. Congratulations! Did you accept their offer into their program?
  9. Thanks for starting this! Definitely looking forward to some kind of insight from this as I'm sure most pre-pa peeps are.
  10. Nothing yet folks. Don't forget that Chatham U has an additional interview date for Saturday, November 9th, 2019 as well!
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