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  1. I have been wondering this too! I don’t think one has been created yet. Should we just go ahead and start one?
  2. Hey! Mine started at the same time and I was the third person to get called back for an interview. I left at about 3:30. I would give myself at least until 5 since there were about 10 people left for them to interview after me. It’s hard to say exactly bc they may have more people in your session than they did in mine, but maybe you could try calling them to ask if they have a end time you could count on. Good luck!
  3. For those that have been accepted, is there any type of group on Facebook (or anywhere else) for this class? I'm excited to get to know my classmates!
  4. Of course! My overall non-science GPA was 3.92, overall science was 4.0. DPC was 960 hours. Shadowing was 150 hours. Volunteering was 475 hours. My application was submitted on 8/27/19, verified on 8/29/19. I shortly after, submitted the $75 fee for PCOM (I had the waiver but decided to go ahead and pay it to avoid having to wait longer), and received an interview invite for September 25th. I received my acceptance letter yesterday, October 7th! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I got the letter today! So excited to be joining PCOM GA PA Studies Class of 2022!
  6. I just checked and mine also says $500 deposit, but I haven’t received a letter! Does this mean we are in?! I interviewed on 9/25! @Nfrinzi @RJN01 @tplcon @K81194
  7. Anyone who has interviewed and would like to share, were the interview questions pretty standard? Did anything stand out during it? Looking for any tips for interview day! Congrats to those who got in!!
  8. So I received the fee waiver through CASPA and I'm waiting for PCOM to upload it to my supplemental application, and call me crazy but I'm stressing that me waiting on them to submit the fee is causing me to lose my chance at an interview.. Do y'all think it would be beneficial to just go ahead and pay the $75 or does it usually not take as long as it says that it takes them to process it? Thanks!
  9. For those of you that received the supplemental email from PCOM, how long did it take after your application was verified for you to get the email from PCOM requesting the $75? thanks!
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