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  1. Hey all! i just wanted to check in with those who will be attending UCPA in January and just see how y’all are feeling! Ik our cohort had a groupme and a Facebook page and were all kinda freaking out trying to get our ducks in a row. It’s so intimidating trying to get everything together in a short time. Let me know if y’all have any questions! im excited to see y’all soon and congrats again!
  2. Townhomes and there are some apartments that the school owns. Graduate students don’t live in the dorms. There are some other places that ms. Riggs will send out sometime I’m not sure when though. Housing is kinda scarce in Williamsburg. A lot of people I’m my cohort ended up renting a place together.
  3. She means she was 65 on the waitlist for on campus housing not the program waitlist. When you get on the list for housing they tell you where you are on the list.
  4. I’m not sure of the total number on the waitlist but I figure it’s 30-60. It always depends on the cohort but there’s a possibility that if you’re high on the list, which I know they don’t give out rankings, you can possibly get in. There’s many people in my cohort that were waitlisted. I know of at least 7 but there’s probably more I just never asked anyone and only know because they offered up the info. Keep your head up!
  5. So I’m still in didactic. In semester 3 of 4. First semester you have a lighter schedule it started Jan 7 and ended April 26. It’s anatomy, physiology, intro to patient assessment, foundations to clinical medicine, and intro to the PA profession. That semester we had fridays off but usually had physiology tests and pretests on Friday. It wasn’t too bad. Second semester started May 6 and ended August 8. So you only get a week between first and second semesters and second and third semesters. This semester started August 19 and ends December 12 or 13 depending on one of the finals. Then we don’t start back until y’all do in January like the 6 or something so it’s a nice long break. Last semester we also did not have Friday classes and this semester we have only 1 class Friday that’s an hour long so not bad. If Dr. Harris teaches pharm which I’m sure he will, you will have class 4-5:30 twice a week 2nd semester to 4th semester because of his other job. The workload gets heavier as the semesters go on but it’s manageable. From 2nd semester to 4th you’ll always have patient assessment, clin med, integrations, health care issues, pharm, and patho. Then it just depends what other classes there are like now we have surgery and procedures but last semester we didn’t. We had a stats and research course. The next spring semester will end around the end of April but I’m not sure of the actual date. You’re never in class from 8-5 every day though. There’s plenty of days where we go for 3 hours but there are days where we go in 11:30-5:30 which are slightly rough but you have a lot of outside class time. Orientation is only one day long. It’s the first day and you go in at 8 and stay forever haha I don’t remember when we finally got to leave but it’s a long day. You get your photo ID made, you meet the professors, and we come in and talk to you guys and introduce you to our cohort and the UCPA club chairs. I can’t remember all that we did that day but it was a good bit and they will scare you with the handbook because in the handbook it’s like if you breathe the wrong way you will be kicked out! But it’s really not like that they just have to read all the rules so that you are aware of them. No one in our cohort has been kicked out and I think only 1 person has been kicked out of the program the last 5 cohorts. Our day was so long because we also had a physiology class that day so depending on your schedule it might not be as long for you. Also the program follows the schools schedule so you always have scheduled breaks and scheduled holidays off. Our cohort got 4th of July off but cohort 4 did not so summer is a little different sometimes. But if there is a snow day for the school the program cancels class as well. Sorry that is so long!!! There’s just so much info but this is the basics.
  6. I don’t but a lot of people in my cohort do. Call housing tomorrow and ask them how to get on the list for housing. They’ll direct you to the person you need to talk to and get you on the list. They’ll most likely tell you that you’re 60-70 on the list but I swear they tell that to everyone. My classmates that were told that pretty much all got into the housing
  7. hey guys! So happy to hear the status changes went out today and congrats to those admitted!! If y’all have any questions about the program, the school, the area, or what to expect just ask and I’ll answer what I can! Literally any question you have I will try my best to answer! congrats y’all and can’t wait to see you in January!
  8. Hey guys don’t fret! I’m a member of cohort 5. We had our interviews Sept. 6, 7, and 8 last year I believe and the email about application status change for admitted, waitlisted, and denied didn’t come out until sept. 24. They’re working really hard and it’s a long and thoughtful process! You’ll know soon and good luck! Hope to see you guys in January!
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