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  1. Sorry I don’t know. I guess if Pace has any news they would let us know.
  2. Here’s the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/178439780094994/?ref=share
  3. Hi, I submitted my application end of June 2019. Received a confirmation from Pace around early July. Then I received an Interview invitation around early September. Pace gave us some interview dates to choose from. I don’t know if the timeline will be the same this year, but I assume it will be similar. I will say try to submit your application before July. Application usually opens end of April, so submit early if you can! Good luck
  4. I received a paper copy of acceptance letter through mail (same letter as the one on portal). On interview day, they told us we will hear from them in January if accepted. So just hang it there, more info will come eventually
  5. Same here. Interviewed on 10/6 and will be declining. Good luck everyone!
  6. Thank you, I guess I will wait for the official one then
  7. I also requested to be joined. It seems like the group only has two members? I’m not sure if I requested the correct one. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  8. I’m pretty sure 11/18 was the last interview date
  9. Same here... Just put my deposit down... reset password but can't log into MyPace Portal.
  10. Was accepted from 11/18 interview! I’m so happy!!! Will be joining Pace with you all soon
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