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  1. Thank you, I had around 500 hours. I will not be attending this school though, they seem like a good program but I do not want to commit to a school without ever being there!
  2. Is anyone in state applying to Faulkner University? I got waitlisted for Samford so I am looking for more options in state. Faulkner is a new program this year in Montgomery Alabama and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the school. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I am applying to this program also. How much do you know about this program? I have called and asked about dates and they said that interviews would be sent out mid March but they are waiting later due to the accreditation process.
  4. I’m sorry you felt that way, praying God shows you where you will fit in your profession! I know the interview process has been a difficult process to go through.
  5. Did they put everyone who didn't get accepted on a waitlist or did some actually get rejected? Also if you got accepted and might go to another school can you let us know in here!
  6. Does anyone know if they will send everyone an email regarding our status? Also when do final decisions have to be made?
  7. Anyone else heard anything?? Anxiously waiting by my phone!
  8. People who interviewed earlier, does it last from 8:30-1 or do we go for a specific time? I called Samford earlier this week and she said I would get an email closer to time with more details
  9. I will be interviewing the 18th!! Girls can I get advice on what to wear for the interview? I have gotten mixed answers on whether to do a pant suit or dress!
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