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  1. Thank you so much ladies!! This means a lot! Will try to stay hopeful I’m praying for you both! The fact that you didn’t get an email yet makes me think you might get an acceptance call next week- stay positive
  2. Thank you so much! I’m disappointed in myself, but it’s ok I hope you get a response soon !!
  3. Awww oh my goodness! Imagine if we all got calls tomorrow! That would be so amazing! I know each and everyone of you is unique and absolutely worthy of this!! Yes everyone keep us in your prayers
  4. So true! Will stay hopeful and continue to pray I’m happy for the others that got accepted!
  5. Do you think that all the acceptance calls were made out today?
  6. That’s amazing I’m so incredibly happy for you! I’m still trying to stay hopeful
  7. For those that got calls this morning, do you mind sharing when you were interviewed?!
  8. My counselor just said “Applicants will continue to be reviewed and acceptance calls will be made until the end of the application cycle, not just this week.”
  9. Did she say if any more acceptances would go out next week?!
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