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  1. I just logged into my banner portal and it says I've been accepted!
  2. I didn't do well on the GRE either - 298 and a 4 in writing
  3. No, nothing yet. Was there any other interview dates available in October when you signed up?
  4. Do they hold interviews every week and how often does the admissions committee meet to discuss interviews?
  5. Did anyone here attend the October 8th interview and hear anything back yet?
  6. I applied 2 weeks ago and have not gotten an email that they received my application. Do they send emails out to acknowledge receipt of application?
  7. I was looking to apply here but I'm not sure about their accreditation status. When is this school expecting to gain full accreditation and did they already have their first graduating class?
  8. Has anyone been accepted from the virtual interviews yet? From the Facebook group it seems like the class is almost full.
  9. I just got waitlisted for the St. Pete campus from the Thursday virtual interview on 4/2
  10. Does that mean if you interviewed earlier you would be higher on the waitlist?
  11. I'm pretty sure they will do a Skype interview. I also purchased plane tickets, but airlines are being lenient with changing flight dates and cancelations without penalty.
  12. Hi! I just confirmed an interview date for March 20th at the St. Pete campus, is anyone else interviewing that day?
  13. Oh okay, I guess I just didn't understand that provisional accreditation is still an accredited program and that you can still take the PANCE and work as a PA after. Thank you for clarifying and good luck to you!
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