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  1. Not that I have seen, my request to join is still pending and no one else has been added. I sent a FB message to the admin as well.
  2. I'm not sure if the group admin is monitoring the page very closely, I sent a request to join a few days ago
  3. I got a call from Dr. Tobin today with an acceptance offer! I interviewed on Sep, 5 and was placed on the wait list.
  4. I got a similar email. I received an interview invitation several weeks ago, and this email was an update that the last three seats had already been offered to applicants and they're waiting to see if they're accepted or not. they have until October 11. The wording said that if I didn't mind waiting a year they would roll the application into next year's program, but i wasn't sure if that meant that i could interview for a spot in next year's program or if they would just add my application to next year's pile.
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