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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! just turned down my acceptance offer after being accepted to a program much closer to home. the faculty and students their are very kind and welcoming. Bummed for declining but hope this opens up an opportunity for someone much deserving :)
  2. CGPA: 3.57 SGPA: 3.75 last 45: 4.00 PCE: 15000+ hours (Army Medic, ED Tech) Volunteer: 126 hours Shadow: 60 hours 5 letters of recs (one from a PA, one from a physician)
  3. Just received my phone call and was accepted off the waitlist!
  4. Got accepted to a program closer to home. Declined my acceptance last night. Wonderful program and warm, receptive faculty and students.
  5. Got the call earlier today with my acceptance!
  6. Hello Everyone, As I wait for our fellow candidates to reply, I will hopefully have a text group chat going with every person that wanted to join by friday or saturday.
  7. Feel free to join this convo. I've also organized a group chat through text. -Young
  8. Just got my invite to interview Nov. 9th! If anyone would like to meet up prior, or after, DM me. Good luck to everyone who got interviews and my fingers crossed for those still waiting.
  9. Would anyone interviewing for UCD 10/14 like to join a group chat to get to know each other, alleviate stress, advice, etc?
  10. Hello Jackie, DM me and I will be more than happy to forward you the email.
  11. Hello everyone, Congrats to everyone who received an invitation. Received my invite for interview on 9/25. 10/14 is the interview date. Looking forward to meeting all the prospective applicants on 10/14. PM me if you have any questions.
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