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  1. Hey all! I just got an acceptance letter today! SOOOO Stoked!! Good luck to everyone!
  2. Sounds great! I will for sure do that. Thank you!
  3. Just got the call from Dr. Young, I was pulled from the waitlist and offered a seat! I have already shed many tears of joy!
  4. Also, did they happen to tell you what number you were on the waitlist? If not, you should find out and let us know:).
  5. Congrats! Will you be accepting this offer? Also, did they call you or did you receive an email?
  6. They did reject people. They were going to be so far down on the waitlist that they didn't keep them hanging so they received denial letters. I was waitlisted as well.
  7. Nice...so did anyone get accepted who interviewed virtually per COVID?
  8. That's awesome, congrats! Just curious, when did you interview?
  9. I am. But there is only 17 in the cohort and doesn't seem there is a really good chance of anyone being selected from it. My guess is that the waitlist consist of everyone that was interviewed. I think it's kind of lame they don't give us more details about the waitlist.
  10. Did anyone else get placed on the waitlist? Those who were accepted to UNM, were you accepted anywhere else?
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