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  1. Does anyone from the 9/20-21 interview session know when we should expect to hear back? Is it rolling or will they wait until after the next interview session to notify us?
  2. Has anyone asked to reschedule an interview here due to an existing commitment to interview at another program? Were they accommodating/should you mention the reason for asking to reschedule or does that look bad? I already made all the arrangements to interview at another program (hotel, flights...) but this is one of my top choice programs and I don’t want to lose the chance to interview here!
  3. Yes I did, good point! See you there on the 17th!
  4. My program guide book calculated it as $152,109, but I’m not positive because calculating it using the numbers provided online it seems like even more Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just received an interview invite today! When choosing, the date that would make the most sense for me is October 17th based on when I can get time off work and travel but there are openings in earlier dates so I’m nervous selecting such a late date. Does anyone have any insight into how much my chances of getting in decrease if I choose a later interview date?
  6. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the September 20/21 interview session! Does anyone know if we're supposed to submit our official GRE scores at some point? On the website it says: "Please be advised that we do not need your official GRE scores until later in the admissions process (interview)." I didn't see anything about it in the e-mail but just want to make sure I'm not missing anything or expected to submit them before the interview!
  7. I received an interview invitation for October 7th two days ago so hang in there! My application was received by the program on July 26th. Does anyone who already interviewed have any insight into what is meant by an "academic interview"? Would it be something like a medical terminology test or a panel asking you questions? I'm so excited but so nervous!
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