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  1. I just gave up my seat to attend another program, hope this opens up a seat for someone!
  2. I have given up my seat to attend another program, hope this opens up a seat for someone!
  3. Just got pulled off the interview waitlist for group A! Absolutely ecstatic, can’t wait to meet everyone! [emoji4]
  4. As long as it’s within 30 days of receiving the invitation to submit a supplement, it’s not too late!
  5. At the October 29 interview they said by 11/19! Not sure if that’s changed but I think it could very well be tomorrow!
  6. Accepted from the Nov. 9th interview as well aaaah!
  7. You can still pay the fee until the 16th! You can call admissions if you’re worried it’s too late but if you submitted the application before the deadline you can still be considered for the next round of interviews [emoji4]
  8. Anyone from the mid-late October group heard yet? I feel like we should hear back any day now! Edit as of 11/8, just got my acceptance from the 10/17 interview! It came as an email rather than a call which threw me off but I’m so excited!
  9. Since it starts in August it's kind of like getting a summer break before starting! But from what I remember from the interview (I didn't take great notes on that part) I think there's a 2 week winter break and maybe something similar in the summer? But not a whole trimester off if that's your question.
  10. I just got a supplemental invite yesterday (10/24) after getting the email that my CASPA was finally received 10/18
  11. I haven't heard anything yet either, I submitted in July and hoping no news is good news still! Based on previous trends I'm guessing the last round of emails will go out this Friday or this upcoming Monday. Best of luck to everyone!
  12. It’s only one applicant with a panel interviewing you, for example I had one faculty member and one current student interviewing me. Pretty standard questions, mine felt very relaxed and conversational.
  13. Just got an email that they received my CASPA application, I submitted CASPA on July 8. So if anyone else has been in the same boat as me this whole time wondering, there’s still a chance!
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