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  1. It is recorded. So don't worry it was just a general q/a. CONGRATS on being accepted!
  2. That's amazing. Congrats! Do you know how long they give you to pay the deposit just curious?
  3. Anyone know if the waitlist is ranked --- how is the spots given out as they open? Did anyone ask?
  4. Anyone know if this program has gotten provisional accreditation?
  5. how much time do you have to pay the deposit?
  6. @ROSCorGTFO do you mind sharing when your app was verified ?
  7. @JacquelineB would you be able to share your stats and the timeline of when you interviewed versus acceptance please? CONGRATS!
  8. Does anyone have an idea of how many people they will take in this class? According to the ARC website they can accept a MAX of 156 people for cohort 3 which is huge ... anyone have an idea if they will actually enroll that many and if the majority of seats are already filled?
  9. @WBTKPK thanks! How do you like your experience at Yale online so far if you dont mind me asking! Seems like a perfect school with covid and everything going on
  10. Can you practice in any state with this online degree?! Anyone know?
  11. @Allie13 would you say this program is holistic or will I not be considered if my science gpa is low ?
  12. @Gr8nessawaits They are non-rolling. It's not like Hofstra where you basically waste your money if you submit late. But still apply early because why not if you can!
  13. @PolevaultPA what has your experience been so far? Do you like the program?
  14. @IwanttobeaPA123 @SunnyR did you end up choosing this program? What has your experience been so far? Please let me know!
  15. Is this school rolling admissions? Do you know?
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