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  1. Hey! The facebook group has a number of current students and a couple of faculty members. Stay positive!
  2. Hey everyone. I recieved a call at 3pm letting me know I was accepted. I'm sorry I did not jump on here and tell everyone. I am still waiting for an acceptance email so it still feels too good to be true. I hope you all hear something soon.
  3. I studied Nutrition Science from NC State. I have a background in emergency medicine and endocrinology.
  4. Interviewing 9/2! Wow, what a relief! Submitted 5/20. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Nothing here. I checked my application status and it still says "application submitted". I submitted the exact same dates as our peer that received the invite. I called and was told that no news is good news. Continuing the waiting game I guess!
  6. There are some questions. Demographics, military service, and community standard questions. Nothing extensive. Good Luck!
  7. Application went under review this afternoon. Submitted 5/20.
  8. No confirmation here either. Submitted 5/20. Last cycle Elon was the last school I had any update on.
  9. Good luck! Just sent mine out today. Will this be your first application cycle?
  10. As a re-applicant do we submit our GRE through the ETS website again?
  11. Hey! So Campbell is top three on my list for a number of reasons. I have attended multiple events that they hold (open house, application workshop, virtual Q&A sessions) and everytime I interact with staff and students they seem to genuinely want to help. Their facility is new with an impressive simulation lab that allows you to immerse yourself into your future role as a PA. Students from various years have stated that the classroom feels like a big family which to me means that environment is encouraged. A couple of students mentioned that Campbell PA grads are known for their comfortabl
  12. Yes I heard about that. A PA student in the Campbell program informed me that they are aware and working on it.
  13. Hello fellow applicants, Last cycle was my first application to Campbell and this forum helped tremendously. Hopefully this will help someone again. Best of luck!
  14. Hello everyone! Just recieved my rejection. I feel confident in next years application. Good luck to everyone!
  15. Congratulations on the invite. Best of luck to you! Appreciate the words of encouragement.
  16. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted or has an interview scheduled. If you are one of those may I ask when you finished your application?
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