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  1. I emailed them and asked for my status. I have already interviewed for the school and I am on the waitlist. Good luck wherever you end up!
  2. Just got this from UNE: We have concluded interviews and our class is currently full. We have not used our waitlist yet, however those who have been accepted need to make their second deposit by March 1, and I know not everyone will chose to do so as they may hear back from other schools. I anticipate we will begin using our waitlist this month
  3. I got waitlisted after the interview in October. I wish I knew a little more about how many people are on the waitlist and how many from the waitlist got accepted last year etc
  4. I did, it is for grad programs there in general and does not count for PA
  5. As an example, I was hired six months ago as a scribe. I have scribed before but this is was a new program and occasionally I left the ROS or some other part of the note blank. In addition, I got my phlebotomy cert and was expected to do PRP procedures without any real written instruction. The first time I did the procedure by myself, I had two back to back and messed up because I forgot to put anticoagulant in the syringe when I was drawing the blood. I wonder if I have had bad training but also I have always had issues with forgetting details of things or having poor craftsmansh
  6. I do not consider myself a "detail oriented" person. I work for a doctor right now who is concerned that the field might not be for me due to this one trait. What do you think? I keep wondering wether being detail oriented is innate or if it is a skill that can be learned.
  7. I just got a B- in biochem after my CASPA application has already been verified. This will drop my GPA under 3.0 and make it impossible for me to get into my schools. I have to questions... can I wait to report the grade until I take another class to boost my GPA back up? What if my second class grade does not come in until after CASPA updates are allowed? I also do not really understand how to updat my CASPA application after I already verified (in April).
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