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  1. I'd bet a dollar to chicken fried rice that if you knew my clinic, and my previous colleague that left me high and dry during flu season, you would think differently. ;)
  2. Had a 350ish patient yesterday (minor care clinic) who tells me she stopped taking her metformin many months ago because she didn't like the way it made her feel. I asked her if she liked how her feet feel, and went on to explain all of the long term possible negative outcomes of poorly controlled DM. Encouraged to see her PCP. The rest is up to her.
  3. I encountered something similar many years ago, while doing some per diem shifts at a local ER. Fast track side opened at 0900hrs daily. Twelve beds. Starting around 0730, triage nurses would hold patients. At 0900, they would fill all twelve beds. Sometime after my third or fourth shift, the ER director (MD) called me to his office, and explained that their goal was to have patients seen and discharged within one hour of being roomed. I told him his math skills were suspect, and took my name off their roster.
  4. Just having a little fun but, for those arguing about MD having a specific understanding, I present this: https://www.abbreviations.com/serp.php?st=MD&p=99999
  5. I am aware of the thread discussing the title change. This is a poll to determine who actually got a chance to give their input. I, for one, did not.
  6. Soooo..... I don't have an AAPA account. Oh well. Let me know how it all ends.
  7. I take escitalopram daily, as a preventative medication. It prevents me from telling patients to GTFO of the clinic.
  8. Have you considered becoming a PMHNP?
  9. Dog poop. Turns white and loses its odor over time. Still dog poop.
  10. Have to call bull#%*^ on Lightspeed's response. This has ZERO to do with physician supervision or collaboration. I have read a number of your responses on this forum and, your veiled attempts at getting in a rub on the PA profession do not go unnoticed. At least not by me.
  11. Put the old ones under your pillow when you go to bed. You will wake up a few dollars richer the next morning.
  12. So, let me get this straight. Your daughter didn't get accepted to PA school, so your reaction is to come to a PA forum, and go on some long diatribe about the director of the program, tell all of us that we basically don't know shit, and finish off with a play by play report of how she helped some people on the ambulance (commonly referred to in these parts as "doing her job")? The fact that you think your kid is a Rockstar is great. Bitching about others not sharing that sentiment is ridiculous. This isn't Facebook or Twitter.
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