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  1. Most definitely. Research has shown that the amount of money that one donates to a PAC is directly related to their ability to practice safe, effective, compassionate medical care. You sir, are a moron.
  2. For Cid: Physician Assistant Jobs, Employment in Dallas, TX | Indeed.com 129 PA jobs within a 25 mile radius of Dallas, Tx. Quit your bullshit. . .
  3. Just so I know I have this straight, Cideous can diss the current president's handling of the corona situation but, I cannot mention any goofs by a previous administration without my posts being deleted? Gotcha. My best to all now and in the future. Mods, please delete my profile.
  4. Once again, proof positive that a good old Zpak will cure just about anything. Cleared up my chlamydia just last week. That reminds me, I need to start hanging around a better class of people.
  5. There's some of that new math for you. 107hrs/wk to get that $13k. Oh, and you do that for 2-3 weeks straight.
  6. Haven't started my plan in motion yet but, figure at some point I will get my RN license reinstated (let it lapse a few years after graduation from PA school). Then I will do an online NP program in my spare time. Will maintain both PA and NP licensing from that point on. That should cover me. Maybe even become one of those "Dr. Nurse" folks so I can be Cideous' boss, and make him do all the scut work. ;)
  7. Just to reiterate my thoughts from another thread, that aptly applies here as well: There are some weird MFers on this site.
  8. Except, he's Asian. Likely genetically high ACE2 receptors. Virus has an affinity for those folks. Forgot to add smiley face, tongue in cheek emoticon...
  9. Went to Walmart earlier today to get some trimming line and premix fuel for my weedeater. Right there with the various lawncare implements and gloves and such, are 3M N95 masks. No, I didn't buy any.
  10. If you're a vegan, you don't take a waitressing job at Texas Roadhouse, and then refuse to serve me a steak. Find another line of work.
  11. If only I had one of those stores near me. Guess I'm under-thinking this whole corona thing. Not overly concerned at this point.
  12. Also known as the Philadelphia Organization for Rehabilitation of Kids. When used interchangeably, it becomes..... PORK CHOP.
  13. ^^^ This nails it. "I sneezed this morning, and just wanted to come in and make sure it's not cancer." "My cousin's next door neighbor heard about a kid over in Belgium that got strep throat two years ago. My throat doesn't hurt but, I figured I would come in and get tested just in case. I read on my quilting forum that strep can cause cancer in mice." "My daughter had a fever of 99.2 one night, when we were on vacation in Maine last summer. I decided to keep her out of school the Monday after Thanksgiving, just in case it came back. At Christmas, the school asked for a medi
  14. Looked at the flow chart at the bottom of the linked page. Basically says non-physician providers are good but, remember to see your doctor once a year. I honestly don't have a problem with that advice.
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