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  1. Has anyone heard of them sending out rejection emails?
  2. Yikes, well I am #76 on the waitlist so I m guessing it goes up to 100 maybe? The email said that as people decline their spot from the waitlist, we will be moved up. I accepted my spot and hope I'll be moved up a little bit. I would love to be accepted from here but it's not in my hands now.
  3. I'm from Idaho and it was my first time too. I loved it there! If you need any recommendation, message me! I had such a great time in the city and at my interview!
  4. If anyone is wondering, they are still sending out invites. I got invited yesterday for an interview on 12/13.
  5. YES 2 -3 weeks but looking through the forum this year it looks like most people are finding out in 1.5 weeks.
  6. I am interviewing this coming Monday (11/28) Will anyone else be there and maybe want to hangout after the interview? Maybe grab dinner? My flight is also that night and if anyone can give me a ride?
  7. @emoorefi @mredwine Thank you both so much! This helped a lot, you have no idea. If either of you have any advice for this "panel interview" and the group activity and have some insight you can give just to help me feel more prepared, I'll take all bits of wisdom! Thanks!
  8. If anyone has any advice on what airport to fly into, what hotels to stay at and if they ysed Uber or rented a car, please let me know!
  9. Just got invited for Novemer 12th interview! Does any one have any advice for the interview and what did all love most about the program?
  10. @marikorising @Luna17 @rjnguyen @aubriejones @ccallen5 @LaurenKS This is not entirely to get your hopes up because I can not 100% definitely confirm this information, but it is information I would like to share to boost the postitivity on this page! Plus you all are such amazing applicants. This is just what I heard during my interview day, but again I can not 100% confirm. For every interview date, there is a morning and an afternoon interview session depending on how many applicants the admissions committee feels they would like to interview. This information opens up the pool for a lot more applicants to be interviewed each day if necessary. You also have to keep in mind that though you may think all the invites have been sent out for every day, there are so many applicants who are applying to so many programs and there is a great chance that by the time an interview date rolls around, people have decided to decline attending this interview and have been accepted else where. This will continue to open up spots for other applicants to interview. So you have to be positive! You may not have an invite today, but maybe next week someone drops out and you are next in line. You just never know and can never anticipate how these committees work behind the scenes. I have no doubt you all will make incredible providers no matter where fate decides you should gain your education! Best of luck to all of you! Just know, I'm right there with you still in the waiting game.
  11. Yes! Still a 2v1 interview. I interviewed with one man who is a PA-C from Idaho State University who is part of their didactic faculty and another women who is a PA-C from Emory and is part of their clinical faculty.
  12. I was placed on committee hold from the Oct 5th interview. So excited for everyone who has been accepted! First off, to the girl who was in the green group with me who interviewed at CU, ATSU and Pacific in the same week who is from Denver Colorado and is a CNA on a cardiology floor, if you are on here, please message me! Secondly, here is a little bit about what to expect from interview day. You all go through an overview of the day with Leah Baldwin. Then you get a welcome from the director Dr. Von and meet all of the faculty and interviewers. Then you will be split up into 4 groups. Based on your color group is the order you will interview in (Red, Orange, Green and finally Blue.) The interview is very basic and my interviewers were super nice. I did not feel stressed at all and its was very easy conversation. In the 25 minutes you will be asked most likely be asked up to 6 questions and one critical thinking qestion that I did not believe was too difficult (then again I was placed on committee hold so who knows?) You will be introduced to and play around in the simulation lab, see the cadaver lab, get a small tour of the two buildings (mostly the one PA floor.) There is also a small portion where Dr. Von beats at their accreditation-probation status, so you will have any questions about this answered. I personally am not too worried about it. There is also a small group activity with legos that I personally felt was pointless because there is no one of any importance observing the activity or judging you, I felt like the activity was to buy time. Maybe it was to make you feel more relaxed? Idk. Then you end the day with lunch and a student panel. Overall, I loved the program and the idea that the clinical year is all over the US and international. I also really liked that they had Spanish immersion classes.
  13. I got a rejection email very early this morning! I didn't interview. Best of luck to all of you
  14. Here are my stats if anyone is interested: BCP GPA: 3.49 cGPA: 3.69 sGPA: 3.56 Hours as a medical scribe in the ED: 1500 Hours as a CNA: 600 Shadowing hours: 120 with ED PA, ortho surgery MD, ortho clinic MD, and neuro clinic MD/PA Volunteer hours: 500 LOR's: ED MD, Epidemiology Professor, and previous empolyeer I interview this weekend so I can keep everyone informed.
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