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  1. I got an acceptance today at 4pm!!! Sooo excited!! Can’t wait to meet everyone!
  2. For real though! I’m suppose to hear back from three schools the first week or two of December and it’s torture not knowing anything from all 3... including Rocky vista
  3. Congrats! I interviewed today too and hoping to hear some good news soon...
  4. I interviewed the same day! most acceptances won’t come out til December they said. Only a very few early acceptances are being sent out... here’s to hoping and praying! We’ve got this!!
  5. Actually I think you are right. I reread a few more times and it seems like they will assume you are going to accept if you don’t respond back and then will just have to sign up for a time.
  6. Looks like reply back to the email for accepting. Email someone else for rejecting invite. Then we will know more next week.
  7. Good luck everyone! Just got an interview invite!! Strange because it came over at 10:30pm.
  8. I sent an update about my additional pce and they said they will send out decisions in December. Durning my interview I was told late November. Looks like it will be December!
  9. Wishing everyone who is interviewing today some luck!!! Can’t wait to meet you. Let’s rock this!
  10. Thank you! I appreciate the reassurance! Was it mostly ethical situations like some have mentioned in past (if you are allowed to share)? I’ve had two interviews already but so far no acceptances- one I won’t know til dec. just want to be as prepared as possible!
  11. Those with early acceptances, any tips for those of us interviewing next week? Any insider info on the school as well? I’ve scanned the website plenty but would love more info! Thanks in advance and congrats!! Good luck to my fellow applicants as well
  12. Thank you! My last interview, with a different school, I had was all about academics and stuff so this shouldn’t be too bad then I hope!
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