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  1. If anyone is accepted late or have trouble looking for housing, I have a bedroom/bathroom open at Waynesboro; only a 10 min drive. DM if interested.
  2. I was waitlisted to Christiana campus from 9/18 interview, accepted it for now.
  3. Just received an invite for an interview for September 27th.
  4. Just got my acceptance call and email from the August 24th interview! For me, my interviewers were asking lots of personality questions and some traditional questions. This was my first interview ever and I am glad it was. To those that are accepted, congratulations and I hope to see you all!
  5. This is my second cycle for EVMS. My current CASPA was verified on 8/3 and I received a confirmation email from EVMS on 8/15. I thought there was a supplemental but this cycle, I cannot find that information.
  6. My CASPA was verified on 8/3 and I received a mail dated 8/12 that they have received my application. I have yet to receive an email for any other news as of yet.
  7. I have submitted CASPA and GRE on July 31st, and was verified on August 3rd. I have yet to receive a confirmation or hold email.
  8. I guess we post infos about Delaware campus here as well. But I received an interview for the Delaware campus on 9/18! I feel like most are getting waillisted at this point. The area looks quite bustling with an amtrak stop nearby. But I am very excited to see everyone there! For the current students, is there an actual campus for the Delaware campus?
  9. I submitted my application on July 20th. CASPA verified my application on August 5th and Loma sent me the supplemental app on the 6th. After submission, I received the confirmation of receipt email on August 12th. Now its the waiting game for all of us.
  10. I also have an interview for the 24th, but due to a work meeting, I won't be in Staunton until 8-9pm. I am staying in the Hampton Inn in Fishersville. Congrats to all that got accepted and good luck to everyone! I am very excited to meet you all.
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