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  1. Hey there, it is a 2:1 interview a faculty member and a clinician and one interviewee. It is a relaxed atmosphere. The committee is great and no one is there to intimidate you or make you feel uncomfortable. Just be yourself during the interview.
  2. Good luck 9/20 interviewees! Campbell is a fantastic school. Everyone is very nice and they make you comfortable. I had the interview on Wednesday and was offered a seat yesterday; of course I gladly accepted. If any of you have questions don’t hesitate to ask
  3. I did get the call. Have faith, some people received calls later in the day from the last interview session
  4. I’m sorry I thought I responded to this earlier! Wes stayed that he would not be making calls tonight
  5. No worries I just got here. The cafe is right across from Buzzard Law Firm and there is street parking
  6. @pqyourpa @Mermaid5 @Laudan @Maxdevine00 Good morning guys! I will be at Sweet Magnolias at 0930. I did receive confirmation from @Laudan. I hope the rest of you are able to join us for breakfast
  7. @Maxdevine00 a few of us are meeting at sweet magnolias in Lillington for breakfast if you would like to join us. I am also staying at the Microtel.
  8. 9 May be a little too late for me. I plan on taking sleep meds LOL! I think breakfast would be great for all of us to meet if that’s okay
  9. @Laudan, @pqyourpa, @Mermaid5, @mer1987 below is the link to the restaurant for tomorrow's breakfast at 0930hrs if you all are still up for meeting one another before the interview. It is only about 5 miles from the campus. Although I only live an hour from the campus, I will be staying at the Microtel tonight, if anyone is up for grabbing dinner and a drink. I look forward to meeting all of you tomorrow. http://www.sweetmagnoliasnc.com/
  10. 9:30 sounds good to me!! Anyone who would like to join would be great! Everyone good with sweet magnolias?
  11. http://www.sweetmagnoliasnc.com/ here is is a link to a cafe in Lillington, just 5 miles from the campus
  12. I'm up for breakfast. I can find something in Lillington that serves breakfast if you guys would like.
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