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  1. It ended around 3:35! Long day but they keep you charged up
  2. Hi! I went to WF undergrad and will be in the PA class so I am very familiar with Winston. Greensboro (GSO) is closest but often pricier than CLT and RDU. Charlotte and Raleigh Durham airports are around the same distance to campus. There is a the Winston salem Marriott nearby as well as a Fairfield Marriott on Main street. Winston isn’t too big so nothing will be that far. If you feel like spoiling yourself the Kimpton is beautiful and has a bowling alley, basketball courts and lots of other games! As far as an uber I know they usually are somewhere near $100 from CLT and $40-50 ish from Greensboro. Renting a car may be cheaper but I’m not really sure. Make sure to go to the school of medicine on Vine St and not the undergraduate university on Wake Forest Rd! Good luck and if you have questions feel free to message me!
  3. I recently enrolled in another class and turned down my interview spot. I hope it goes to one of you all. Best of luck
  4. Also accepted this afternoon after my 9/23 interview! Cannot wait to meet you all and best of luck to all with interviews coming up!
  5. I will also be interviewing on the 11th! I look forward to meeting you!
  6. I am interviewing this weekend (Oct 5) and look forward to meeting you all! Best of luck!
  7. I received an interview invite via phone call and email on Monday for 9/23! Good luck to everyone!
  8. Received an interview for October 5th this morning!
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